The development of new products

The initiation of new projects for the most part takes one of two forms: either the ideas come from the authors or they emerge from inquiries conducted by the publishing house itself within the music trade, with a view to the creation of a market-oriented product range.
This methodology cultivates the flexibility and open-mindedness needed to maintain classic product lines and to respond swiftly to new trends or ideas.

Authors and books

A book can only be as good as its author! That is why we rely exclusively upon technically competent and established authors.
We maintain a close dialogue with our authors, often going way beyond the confines of whatever book they might be working on at the time.

Among our regular team are respected and often well-known musicians, teachers, psychologists, musicologists and journalists.
These are looked after by our in-house editorial team. The latest technology is called into play to transform the finished script into materials the printer can work with. This ensures the fastest possible production times and simplifies the task — should it prove necessary — of updating works for subsequent editions.

Starter packs

The development of our instrument + literature starter packs requires the thorough examination and testing of models and prototypes. Only in this way can we be sure of finding components of the highest possible quality.
The design both of the products and their advertising is entrusted to professionals. The instruments are manufactured exclusively by companies of repute specialising in the relevant line.

Voggenreiter worldwide

Due to high demand, many of the books in the company’s catalogue are translated into English and distributed world-wide.
As a result, Voggenreiter is a household name to musicians in countries as far as the USA, England, Australia and New Zealand.
Please ask for our English-language export catalogue.