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YOUR CAJON – the amazing rhythm machine!

Our Cajons are manufactured from carefully selected woods (Birch and  Beech) and impress with their high-quality traditional spanish workmanship. Cajons in size large also feature tunable resonance strings.
» For the perfect sound!!

Of course, the looks of our cajons have to match the sound, so we joined forces with a top designer to create absolutely way-out, cool graphics, so you‘ll be the center of attention, wherever you play your cajon:
» For an extraordinary look!

Our Cajons come in two different sizes: large und small (L = 11.4’’ x 11.8’’ x 19’’, S = 8.2’’ x 8.6’’ x 13.8’’). So, there’s a size for every musician and each musical occasion. Furthermore, you can simply combine both sizes to create an absolutely groovy rhythm set:
» For an irresistible groove!

Additional bonus with each Cajon:

Book "Cajon Basics"

 - by Matthias Philipzen

Cajon Basics by Matthias Philipzen

From its cuban and peruvian origins to european and american Pop music – the Cajon has evolved from the belittled „rumba box“ into one of the most popular and most-played rhythm instruments and its sheer endless possiblities inspire not just drummers and percussionists.

Here you’ll learn the playing basics and your first rhythms, and you‘ll soon discover how to have a lot of fun with this fascinating instrument!

  • DIN A4 / 8.3'' x 11.7''
  • 64 pages
  • CD included
  • ISBN: 9783802407642
  • paperback
  • € 12,95

Seat pad

Additional bonus: Seat pad for your "VOLT Cool Cajons"

For perfect and comfortable sitting on your cajon.

Sizes: Large & Small

Our Cajons come in two different sizes:

  • large (L = 11.4’’ x 11.8’’ x 19’’) and
  • small (S = 8.2’’ x 8.6’’ x 13.8’’)


Good to know:

Designs by ...

Chris and Ka Brackmann

Chris and Ka Brackmann studied Communication Design at Folkwang-Hochschule/Essen and today work interdisciplinary as Artists, musicians and designers. Their works have been featured at exhibitions in Essen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich.

VOLT Cool Cajons - Desings by Chris und Ka Brackmann