Music was my frist love ...

The title of the John Miles rock standard sums up rather nicely the philosophy of Voggenreiter Verlag, since it, too, is firmly rooted in a love for music.
Music — the language the whole world understands — has a demonstratively positive influence upon human development. Not only is the playing of a musical instrument a lifelong source of pleasure; making music also enhances communication skills, the ability to empathize, and (as studies have clearly shown) intelligence, especially in children.
Reason enough to smooth the way for as many people as possible to take up a musical instrument. That is why, alongside literature and sheet music for the advanced and professional musician, learning materials skilfully adapted to the needs of beginners form a cornerstone of the firm’s catalogue.
The secret of the success of these publications is the insight that the reader (i.e. the student) needs the gratification of success right from the start. If after reading only a few pages of a guitar book, for example, students can already play their first song, they will be encouraged to continue, and this will motivate them for the harder technical challenges that lie ahead.
And when finally our erstwhile beginner has become an accomplished musician, the resources of Voggenreiter Verlag are by no means exhausted. The catalogue includes a wide range of instructing and stimulating literature for the advanced and professional musician including essential works of reference that are notably well-written and concise.


Voggenreiter Logo 1924

Music was my first love and it will be my last
Music of the future and music of the past
To live without my music would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles my music pulls me through.

The first steps -made easy!

The first step towards learning an instrument is the most important! But even though the making of music is of immeasurable value to children and something eminently worthy of encouragement, many parents shy away from investing in a musical instrument: “Too difficult, too complicated, and too confusing”. That’s the general opinion.
With its special ‘early learning’ program, Voggenreiter offers everything needed to make the first steps fun for the young or musically inexperienced. The program comprises a series of starter packs consisting of an entry-level instrument and teaching materials designed specifically for (young) children. These packs are eminently affordable, so the old excuse that it’s ‘too expensive’ will no longer wash.