Musik für Kleine - Premium

Early music education

12 month+

Wooden sound toys of the highest quality, handmade in Germany from the choicest materials by a small manufactory. The softly rounded, smooth shapes of these sound toys perfectly fit small hands, making even the first touch a truly enjoyable experience.
But we didn’t neglect the other senses, of course: the amazing “day & night“ design of these sound toys made from beech (day) and walnut (night) is a real feast on the eyes. Moreover, “day” and “night” versions of each sound toy have their own sound – so there’s a different sound for each hand!
Flawlessly executed traditional craftmanship combined with the best natural materials ensures highest product safety and the best possible sound – and that’s exactly what we mean by „premium“!

Quick facts:

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Certified quality (EN 71)
  • Impregnated with Food-grade linseed oil
  • High-Quality metal bells
  • No diluents or nanoparticles

"Musik für Kleine" Premium

Great sounding wooden toys, the perfect choice for babies and toddlers!

Ralph & Charls Voggenreiter



 Holz-Shaker (helle Version, „Day“) Mini-Holz-Shaker (helle Version, „Day“)     





 Glöckchen-Shaker (helle Version, „Day“)  Glöckchen-Stab (helle Version, „Day“)

Glöckchen-Armband  (helle Version, „Day“)  Glöckchen-Bänder  (Fuß/dunkle Version, „Night“)