Baby-Bells (Stick) „Night“

Three movable rings ensure a pleasant and safe grip; the light and friendly Sound guaranteed to conjure up a happy smile!


Product Info

            12 month+

Baby-Bells (Stick) „Night“

€ 5,95 UVP 

Wood: Walnut
Length: approx.112mm, Ø: 17/22 (Bell) mm


Glöckchen-Stab (dunkle Version, „Night“)


Musik für Kleine - Premium

The carefully selected musical toys of our "Musik fuer Kleine - Premium” product range playfully introduce children to the fascinating world of music.
Joyous exploration of a universe of sound Klangwelt and development of fine motor skills go hand in hand.
Last not least, we insist on flawless craftmanship, certified quality and the best materials for our products.
Colors subject to change without prior notice.